About this website

Hi! My name is Carter Lavold and this website displays all of the projects that I had created durning my year in Gita 2. All of these projects are created with Javascript, Html, or CSS. Some of them use a combination of both.


My goals

My goals for Gita 2 are to learn how to use Javascript, CSS, and HTMl in unison with eachother, to properly create my projects. I want to push the boundries of what I know how to do in these languages to create a good final project.

About Gita

Gita stands for Global Information Technology Academy

Gita is a multiyear course that any student currently enrolled at Brea Olinda Highschool can apply for. Gita is a college level course with Gita 4 being an AP course.

Gita 1

Gita 1 is the first course that you would take. In Gita 1 you will learn the basics of coding by coding in C#

Gita 2

Gita 2 is the second of the four years of Gita. Gita 2 focuses on advanced web delevlopement using the 3 languages, Javascript, CSS, and HTML

Gita 3

Gita 3 is year 3 of taking Gita. Gita 3 focuses on advanced web programming, which allows students to creat animations in websites.

Gita 4 (AP Computer Science)

Gita 4 is the fourth and final year of Gita. Durning Gita 4 student will code in java to creat object-oriented programs with the characteristics of inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. Using an IDE environment, programs will be designed, compiled, run and debugged.

About our teacher

My. Salesky started the four year Gita program in 2005. He has been teaching Computer Science at Brea Olinda Highschool for 20 years. He teaches all of the Computer Science Courses at BOHS and is in class from 6:30am - 2:35pm. If you would like to contact him you can email him at tsalesky@bousd.us or by phone at 714-990-7850 ext. 2221