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Here you can explore about me and the GITA program

About Me

Hi! My name is Carter Lavold. I am currently a Senior at Brea Olinda Highschool for the 2023-24 school year. Some things about me are, I like to hike and be out in nature. I am a competitive swimmer and have traveled across the country for swim meets. I am a 3 year varsity swimmer for Brea Olinda Highschool, 3 time scholar athlete, the 2023 team MVP and have qualified for CIF finals two years now. I am committed to swim at a NCAA division 3 college in Illinois. I enjoy any projects and or problems that are thrown my way by my GITA teacher Mr. Salesky

In Gita, my goal is learn how to code in various coding languages to create games, animations, and to complete any other assignments my teacher gives me. I want to use the coding skills that I develop throughout my time in this program to get into college and one day a computer science job..

About Gita

Gita is a multiyear course that any student currently enrolled at Brea Olinda Highschool can apply for. Gita is a college level course with Gita 2 and Gita 4 being an AP course.

In Gita 1 we coded in C#, Gita 2 was web development using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Gita 3 was Javascript, and in Gita 4 we learned Java.

Quote of the day: It's a work day folks